Saturday, 24 September 2011

Toadstools among the rosettes

Recently a few small toadstools made a brief appearance among the rosettes of one of my nameless houseleeks (but a very nice one).

20110909-16 Wild Park SV Woods Mill 048

So far as I can tell it is Psathyrella candolleana, or something close to it (though perhaps rather small) and the cottony bits on and around the edges of the cap seem characteristic.

20110909-16 Wild Park SV Woods Mill 057

The small toadstools developed quickly and vanished equally quickly and they were, I think, saprophytic on the decaying flower stalk and leaves that can be seen in the top centre of the photo above.

This fungus is known, among other things, as the fringed crumblecap, the pale brittlestem and the suburban psathyrella, the latter indication its frequent occurrence in gardens on dead wood and plant debris, a habitat consistent with the place where the toadstools were growing.

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